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Lepu Lighting Product Introduction
Citizen LED reflector bulb description

LEPU has spend 4 years to study the LED market,Our leds are the brightest in the market and the only lamp offering a real alternative to halogen today,PLUS 80% Evergy saving for the same light output.Our citizen group color temperature is stable,have a tolerance of ±100K.The heat sinks are light and do the job.

Unique Selling Point

1.  True direct replacement for Halogen in terms of color temperature and intensity;
2.  Lightweight heat sink meaning they won`t track spots;
3.  Color temperature tolerance,with negligible UV heat or infrared
-80% energy saving-LEPU LEDs give you the same light output for less money and much longer;
4.  Maintenance cyclese;
5. Cost of ownership-lamps payback on average with 4000 hours use - or 6 months;
6 .High color rendering index - Ra85 for 2700K/Ra80 for 4000K;
7 .First true low-energy Replacement for halogen lamps;
8 .Best choice for photography lamp.



Base Type: G53
Beam Angle:15°,30°
Operation Voltage: 10-240V 50/60HZ
Input Current: 200mA
Color: 2700K/4000KLED Qty: 2
LEDsLumens: 571LM/warm white,743LM/day light
Power: 15W
Light Source: Citizen COB LED
Lamp working temperature: ≤80
CRI: 2700K ≥85 4000K ≥80  


Halogen Lamp Replacements


Designed as a direct retrofit to most PAR light, MR16, AR111 halogen or fluorescent lighting fixtures. Used as light source for spotlight or downlight, as replacement for halogen lamp or fluorescent lamp in the living room, shops, museum, exhibition hall.

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